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Updated Information Concerning FDA's Safety Notification to Custom Ultrasonics Inc.

     On April 29, 2016 the FDA granted Custom Ultrasonics permission to distribute the following letter to all System 83 Plus Washer/Disinfector AER Healthcare Professionals.


April 29, 2016

UPDATED INFORMATION CONCERNING FDA's Safety Notification LETTER TO CUSTOM ULTRASONICS, INC. dated November 13, 2015 and reaffirmed on January 29, 2016

Re: System 83 Plus, System 83 Plus 2, and System 83 Plus 9 Automated Endoscope Reprocessors all Serial Numbers

Dear Healthcare Professional:

Custom Ultrasonics, Inc. (CUI) has been working with FDA to address concerns with the System 83 Plus Automated Endoscope Reprocessors (AER), as described in the agency’s Safety Communications and recall orders dated November 13, 2015, and January 29, 2016.  We are contacting you to provide important updated information on System 83 Plus usage.  The System 83 Plus AERs will remain in use in the field for reprocessing certain endoscopes.  However the System 83 Plus AERs should not be used for cleaning and/or high-level disinfection of duodenoscopes until further notice.  CUI will be communicating additional details and instructions to our customers as part of a corrective action within the next five days.

CUI is committed to the safety and efficacy of reprocessing.  FDA continues to work with the industry and CUI to validate their reprocessing instructions and to enhance the safety margin of the methods used to clean and disinfect all duodenoscopes manufactured by Olympus, Pentax and Fujifilm. 

CUI regrets any inconvenience and appreciates your patience in this matter.  We want to assure our customers who reprocess duodenoscopes that we are working with FDA to resolve duodenoscope issues as quickly as possible.  CUI is committed to advance the safety and efficacy of reprocessing duodenoscopes in the System 83 Plus AERs.

As new information becomes available it will be disseminated to CUI customers.  We encourage you to contact us if you have any questions.



Alicia Nakonetschny

President and CEO

Custom Ultrasonics Inc.



Custom Ultrasonics Inc. Response to the US Senate HELP Committee Report

February 19, 2016

The Democratic staff of the Senate Committee on Health, Education. Labor and Pensions recently released a report on the transmission of multi-drug organisms, primarily Carnapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE). This report is a comprehensive study investigating the transmission of the multi-drug resistant organism during the performance of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography procedures (ERCP). 

For over 32 years Custom Ultrasonics has been an advocate of patient safety and we look forward to being an active participant in the discussion and implementation of more stringent regulations.  Custom Ultrasonics has been a pioneer in reprocessing endoscopes utilizing a process that is safe and effective.  Custom Ultrasonics was the first automated endoscope reprocessor (AER) to introduce ultrasonics for cleaning, address each channel of the scope individually, provide a standardized and validated process, high pressure adapter ports for specialty channels and channel monitoring.  All of these design elements are focused on providing the highest level of patient safety. 

Validation concerns were brought to our attention by FDA during a “For Cause” Inspection in April of 2015.  At that time Custom Ultrasonics received one observation with four parts.  Each observation required validation based upon the fact that the inspectors did not feel that our validation data was robust.  Custom Ultrasonics has been working with a nationally known laboratory, under the guidance of the FDA, to conduct additional validation testing as recommended.  Custom Ultrasonics continues to perform validation studies in accordance with protocols reviewed and approved by FDA and in conjunction with industry standards.

Although we may not agree with all statements made in the report, with regards to Custom Ultrasonics, we applaud The HELP Committee, Minority’s efforts to address a vital issue that needs to be addressed by all stakeholders.  The HELP Committee’s commitment to protect patients is much appreciated.  It is with the same passion that Custom Ultrasonics is dedicated to resolving and addressing all questions and concerns that pertain to the System 83 Plus.  We will be meeting with the HELP Committee staff to assist the Committee in any way.  

**Update Custom Ultrasonics Response to the FDA's Safety Communication:

Date Issued November 13, 2015 Update**

Updated December 16, 2015

Custom Ultrasonics met with the FDA on December 11, 2015.   The meeting was productive and Custom Ultrasonics is working closely with the FDA to resolve the current issues that were addressed in the FDA Safety Communication dated November 13, 2015.  Custom Ultrasonics is developing a plan to move forward and will continue to submit all performance data to the FDA, as requested.

The next step in this process, at the request of the FDA, is to submit a plan of action which will address the use of the System 83 Plus.   In addition, to this plan, there will be action items that will be put into place to resolve FDA regulatory questions.  Custom Ultrasonics is currently formulating this plan and will be submitting it to the FDA shortly.

We understand that all of our customers are concerned with the information that was released by the FDA in their Safety Communication.  It is Custom Ultrasonics’ top priority to address this matter and we are working diligently and cooperatively with the FDA towards a resolution.  Patient safety is our first concern and we continue to stand by the safety and efficacy of the System 83 Plus.

Updated December 9, 2015

Custom Ultrasonics would like to give all of our valued customers an update to the recent FDA communication that we received on November 13, 2015. 

Custom Ultrasonics will be meeting with the FDA Friday December 11, 2015.  We will be discussing the proposal that Custom Ultrasonics delivered to the FDA on November 24, 2015.  Once Custom Ultrasonics meets with the FDA we will be able to make a determination as to the next step we need to take.


Posted November 16, 2015 To Our Valued Customers,

On Friday November 13, 2015 the FDA posted a Safety Communication regarding the Custom Ultrasonics System 83 Plus Washer/Disinfector.  The FDA recommends a Transition from the Custom Ultrasonics Endoscope Washer/Disinfector to Alternate Reprocessing Methods.  First and foremost, the Custom Ultrasonics System 83 Plus Washer/Disinfector has not been linked to any transmission of infection from the endoscope to the patient.  Custom Ultrasonics has no safety concerns regarding the safety and efficacy of the System 83 Plus Washer/Disinfector.

Custom Ultrasonics was inspected by the FDA in April 2015.  At that time, the FDA required Custom Ultrasonics to perform additional validation testing in four particular areas. The four areas of validation were:

  1. Validate the performance of the water filter assembly
  2. Validate the pre-filters (disk filters) that are used on the adapters
  3. Validate the compatibility of various High Level Disinfectants in the System 83 Plus
  4. Validate the reprocessing of specific duodenoscopes


Custom Ultrasonics has been complying with these requests.  Custom Ultrasonics completed the validation of the performance of the pre-filters used in the System 83 Plus according to the observation as it was documented on the FDA Form 483 and the remainder of the items are in the process of being completed.  Custom Ultrasonics has been performing testing at independent laboratories since July 2015 and we will continue to perform the required testing until it is completed.   Custom Ultrasonics will continue to submit data to the FDA as we receive it.  Custom Ultrasonics continues to comply with any requests that we receive from the FDA and look forward to a positive resolution to this issue.

 Custom Ultrasonics has been a leader in the market for over 31 years and we continue to stand by the safety and efficacy of the System 83 Plus Washer/Disinfector.  Custom Ultrasonics will continue to support our loyal customers in any way possible. 

 If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 215-364-1477 and we will be happy to discuss this matter.

 Please refer back to this website for any additional information.