For over 30 years Custom Ultrasonics has been providing quality systems that automatically clean and disinfect flexible endoscopes.

We have developed our Washer/Disinfector taking into consideration the increased use of endoscopy in hospitals and medical practices, the wider range of disinfectants, and the Federal regulations for a standardizes process. It has become critical to have appropriate high-level disinfection and to ensure infection prevention and control.

Custom Ultrasonics utilizes a standard and validated process for consistent reprocessing, providing an Automated Washer/Disinfector. Our systems are designed to be used with virtually all approved Liquid Chemical Sterilants on the market. We provide you with an adaptable "state-of-the-art" product.

"Custom Ultrasonics is committed to developing patient-safe, quality products to meet your endoscopy instrument needs now and in the future."

Frank Weber
Founder 1980-2013

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  • Informational Bulletin IB-2014-001

    September 24, 2014

    Regarding: Elevator (Lifter) Channeled Scope Processing Complexities and Instructions for Use

    Please See our "About" website page for the complete bulletin.

    Frank Weber

    Custom Ultrasonics, Inc. is saddened to announce the death of Frank Weber, Founder, President and CEO of Custom Ultrasonics, Inc. on September 26, 2013. Frank fought a courageous one year battle with bladder cancer. This is obviously a great loss not only for our family and company, but for the healthcare community as well. Frank was recognized as an inventor and pioneer for his part in the development and standardization of the Automatic Endoscope Reprocessor devices that clean and High Level Disinfect multi-channel flexible endoscopes. We are aware of how much Frank appreciated the support and commitment to his products. He valued the relationships that he had with our customers, sales representatives and people in general over the course of his career. His commitment and hard work over the past 33 years will be carried on by his family and dedicated employees. The family is committed to carrying his legacy forward.

    We thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support of Custom Ultrasonics, Inc. and look forward to working with all of you now and in the future.


    Alicia Nakonetschny